Customs & Quarantine Clearance

S.A.L. Global Logistics provide a complete Customs and Quarantine clearance services as follows:

  • Product classification and maintenance of product files to provide reporting on status of duty rates, changes in concession availability and new product classification updates.
  • Preparation of Customs and Quarantine entry
  • S.A.L. can also provide EDI transfer of invoice data services at your request.
  • Providing expertise in regard to all customs regulations and procedures, including up to date advice on policy and procedural changes within the Australian Customs Service.
  • Order management services through order tracking
  • Landed Costing reporting, if required, of line by line costing and period comparisons according to your needs. (S.A.L. also offers the service of Data transferring, if required, to your internal system).
  • Full management with air, sea depots and transport delivery companies in regard to efficient and timely delivery.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer of duty to Australian Customs Service.
  • Customs consultancy Service


Customs Consultancy 

S.A.L. offers professional, honest, and reliable international trade consulting services to our clients.
Through our Customs consultants, we provide a focus on compliance, and ensure your exposure to duties and taxes is as low as legally possible at all times.

Our consulting services include:

  • Compliance Audits
  • Customs Duty Analysis and Reduction Strategies
  • Tariff Classification Advice
  • Customs Valuation
  • Tariff Concession Applications
  • Free Trade Agreement Advice
  • Import / Export Industry Incentive Schemes