S.A.L. Global Logistics offers integrated and customised Road and Rail transport solutions to and from all major Australian ports, as well as nationally. We provide Road and Rail container pick-ups and drop offs, access to container yards across the national network, and extended services during peak periods.

S.A.L. are able to transport a wide range of commodities on our network, including but not limited to:

  • General cargo
  • Chemicals
  • Heavy machinery
  • Iron and construction materials
  • Wood and other raw materials
  • Mining materials
  • Steel and industrial products


Rail and Road can be used together for carrying some goods, as part of an integrated ‘Logistics’ operation known as ‘Intermodal’. ‘Intermodal’ freight is where Road and Rail work together, with Road transport providing local pick-up and delivery (PUD) to and from the rail terminals.