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    DP World Infrastructure Charge – Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

    Further to the last round of Infrastructure Charges in April this year, DP World Australia (DPWA) have informed the industry that they will be increasing the “Infrastructure Charges” for import and export containers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

    The increases, scheduled to commence from 1st January 2018, will result in the following changes to the DPWA Infrastructure Surcharges:
    Melbourne: $32.50 to $49.20
    • Brisbane: 32.74 to $38.75
    • Sydney: $21.16 to $37.65
    The Surcharge applies to full containers received or delivered via road or rail.

    FYI – The DPWA Notice(s) to Customers can be downloaded below for your reference:
    Notice to Customers – Melbourne Terminal

    Notice to Customers – Sydney Terminal

    Notice to Customers – Brisbane Terminal

    The industry associations have advised the ACCC that such charges should be paid by DPWA customers being the “shipping lines” not transport operators and freight forwarders on behalf of importers / exporters, due to the lack of commercial relationship and inability to enter into commercial negotiations.
    However, either way, we would expect this cost would be passed on to the end customer, whether via the Shipping Lines or Transport/Freight Forwarder operators.
    Recently, ACCC issued the 2016-2017 Annual Container Stevedoring Monitoring Report which noted that the ‘new infrastructure charges’ raise issues for the port supply chain and will be interesting to see if ACCC will start to monitor such increases in infrastructure charges.
    We will continue to keep you updated of this situation, and if any there are any changes to the above.
    Please feel free to contact any one of our staff should you require any additional information.

  • March 8, 2017 in Latest News

    DP World Infrastructure Charge – Sydney and Melbourne

    DP World have advised that from 3 April 2017 there will be an increase to the Infrastructure Surcharge in Melbourne from $3.50 to $32.50 per container, while in Sydney the per container fee will be introduced at $21.16 for all containers received or delivered into the terminal.

    To view the DP World Melbourne notice, click HERE
    To view the DP World Sydney notice, click HERE


    Both above fee’s will be implemented from the indicated date for all containers where S.A.L. Global Logistics manage the Transport for both Import & Export movement, and passed on at cost.

    It should be noted that an infrastructure surcharge is already in place at Brisbane Terminal, whereas there is no such charge at Fremantle Terminal.

    Should you have any questions or enquiries, please contact myself, or Brad O’Brien (0438 047 226).